InfoTrans is a company that provides the translation and the service of localize.

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Localization & Native Check

InfoTrans has built its own two networks forlocalization based in Holland and China as well as a network of native checkers covering Europe and Asia. Due to the expansion of member countries of the European Union (EU) and market globalization resulted from economic development

in Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern countries, production and sales locations have been dispersed into various parts of the world.

In addition, the need for multilingual manuals has been increasing due to tighter worldwide environmental standards and compliance with laws and regulations as seen in the WEEE Directive and RoHS Directive within the EU Region. In response to these needs, InfoTrans provides translation and localization services of multilingual documents in which local up-to-date information is reflected through a specialized group having expertise in manual translation.

InfoTrans translation coordinators centrally manage networked translators in more than 40 languages around the world. We also provide efficient services making full use of translation aid tools such as TRADOS. We have a long experience and an excellent track record of translation using TRADOS in Europe, home of localization.

We currently use TRADOS for producing manuals in more than 30 languages. Since translation and DTP are closely connected in localization, various problems may occur after translation during the DTP process. Translators and DTP specialists of InfoTrans who are experts not only in Japanese, but also in the local environment promptly respond to these problems with flexibility. We handle large projects with high quality, quick turn around, and low cost.