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Evaluation & Consulting

In cooperation with proven companies specialized in usability testing in Europe and China, InfoTrans offers professional evaluation services by third-party organizations.

Evaluations are performed in compliance with the international standards for manuals, IEC62079 and ISO37, covering diverse evaluations, including quality evaluation of the manual’s readability, understandability, grammar, and mistranslation as well as safety evaluation and evaluations of safety markings.

The instruction manual is a document easily visible to end users in a variety of contexts. The manual is an important tool, as its quality reflects the brand image, however, improvement in the quality of the manual commensurate with its importance has not been sought until now.

Forward-thinking companies being conscious of international markets realize the importance of the instruction manual. Companies demanding quality evaluations of their own instruction manuals by third-party organizations, especially overseas, have been increasing.

Quality Evaluation of Instruction Manual Evaluation based on the international standards

- IEC62079

- ISO Guide 37

-Chinese National Standards “GB”

Appropriate evaluation of the quality of multilingual translation Evaluation of easy recognition of warning markings Verification of requirements of national and local laws and regulations, restrictions, and standards.

- Safety standards and requirements for each product Confirmation of risk measures such as product warranty and disclaimer