InfoTrans is a company that provides the translation and the service of localize.

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DTP & Printing

Supports a wide variety of operations associated with localization, including manual, document, and Website creation in HTML, XML, SGML, and Java format. One of our strengths is that we are thoroughly familiar with the logical and semantic structure of applications and documents as well as local special DTP environment.
We support our customers around the clock by making the most of our global networks, time-zone differences, and geographic advantage.

We have a supply chain that provides optimum printed material and media press by meeting the needs of our customers in terms of budget, quantity, quality, and delivery.
Needs of the European market for lots in large volume are met not only locally in Europe, but also in China where printing and press are carried out.

[Online Help]
In-house team of experienced members well-versed in various online help formats, including HTML, Win, Web, and Help, takes charge of every phase of a project from translation, localization, compilation to operation verification.
They analyze the user interface on the operating system of each target language of 20 or more countries.
They also perform final verication for commercialization.
Help file display action and link verifications are conducted by a QA tool such as HtmlQA as well as by an individual.
High quality can be maintained as a result.

[Screen Capture and Illustration Processing]
Manual or online help needs to reflectect screenshots of localized applications in the document.

These screenshots are captured one by one from the actual equipment or software and data is processed properly.
We also offer a service for inserting the screen shots into the document manual or online help.